Choosing the correct outdoor toy can be a challenge. There are so many options spanning across multiple age ranges. It can be difficult to narrow down the appropriate outdoor toy for your little ones. Considerations for any purchase are outlined below.

Select The Right Toy For the Right Age

First and foremost is making sure any toy you are thinking about is appropriate for your child's age. The box is the first place to look, which will indicate the age range, only you know your child. In many cases, parents will purchase a toy that rated for a year or so older than their child. For instance, purchasing a 5+ toy for a 4 or even 3 year old. That can be perfectly fine, depending on the warnings and reasoning for the age range. If your child is a bit smarter than others, an older toy may be appropriate. However, sometimes, the minimum age is set based on safety issues, like small parts. Always read the box for choking hazards and other warnings to get an idea of why the minimum age is set to what it is.

Your Outdoor Environment

Whether you live in a rural or suburban area where kids can run more freely versus an urban environment where they may not will play a huge role in the types of toys your kids can play with. Water toys, drones, nerf guns and others usually need more room (and friendly neighbors) to work well. There are plenty of toys like RC cars, jump ropes or binoculars that can be great for outdoor play without needing much room to roam. Finally, there are toys for hide and seek games that can play equally well in both large or small outdoor environments. It's always important to asses your environment before selecting any toy.

Goals of Play

There is an incredible amount of toy options available to stimulate small minds. Some toys are meant for solitary play, learning, active or group play. Read the box to get an idea what goals your toy selection will encourage. Toys can be great for simple 'play', but when there are additional levels of excitement and learning to be had, like those toys that foster social skills and development, those are the outdoor toys we'd recommend the most.